Friday, May 6, 2011

Big idea crit review

again as usual they wasnt a whole lot said about my piece. not really much feedback other than that the frame reminded kathy of a cheap mirror. people just said they liked it. but i think i need to push some of the contrast alot further cause from farther than 10 feet away its hard to see anything. so i need to figure a way to do that while maintaining the level of detail for close up viewing.


seems like our inflatable went over pretty good. the balloons inside worked great and people really enjoyed it. They were a couple of things that coulda gone better. more hellium balloons woulda helped but we already spent over a hundred on the ones we got. O ver all everything worked out in the end, we just used a small fan to keep the roof up a bit. and if we had kept adding ballons through the day that woulda helped as they were just randomly popping


What is your favorite color?
How important is the appearance or design of the following products in your decision to purchase the product?
new car:       not very    
underwear:         not very     
tv set:           not very     
winter coat:       very      
What is your 2nd favorite color?
"When you select pictures, photographs, or other pieces of art for your home, do you find you lean more toward modern or more toward traditional styles?"

"If you had to choose from the following list, which type of art would you say you prefer?"
Which of the following statements applies to you more?

"When choosing pictures, photographs, or other art for my home, I focus on whether or not I like the piece"
Would you say you prefer older objects or newer objects to collect or decorate you home?
older objects
"Would you say that you prefer seing paintings of wild animals, like lions, giraffes, or deer, or that you prefer seeing paintings of domestic animals, like dogs, cats or other pets?"
wild animals
"In general, would you rather see paintings of outdoor scenes or would you rather see paintings of indoor scenes?"
Which of the following outdoor scenes appeals to you the most?
Paintings of:
Which season would you most like to see depicted in a painting?

Which of the following types of indoor scenes appeals to you most?
still life paintings of/domestic scenes with:
Do you tend to prefer paintings that are related to religion or those that are not related to religion?
Which of the following statements is closest to your view?
"Paintings don't necessarily have to teach us any lessons, but can just be something a person likes to look at."
Which of the following statements is closest to your view?
"I prefer paintings that are realistic-looking: the more they resemble a photograph, the better"
"Do you prefer paintings that exaggerate the dimensions or reality of objects we already know, or ones that feature imaginary objects which have no connection to everyday life?"
uhh dont know
"Do you prefer seeing bold, stark designs or more playful, whimsical designs?"
why not both?
Do you tend to favor paintings with sharp angles or ones with soft curves?
how bout sharp curves and soft angles
"Which patterns do you like better: geometric patterns or more random uneven patterns?"
geometriclly uneven patterns
"Do you like to see expressive brush-strokes on the canvas, or do you prefer that the surface of the canvas be smooth, more like a photograph?"
smooth but still with brush strokes
Do you like to see colors blend into each other or do you like it when different colors are kept apart?
depends on the painting
"Every color has a wide range of shades. Take the color blue, for example. An artist can use a bright, vibrant shade of blue, like a royal blue, a pale, muted shade of blue, like light blue, or a darker tone of blue, like dark or midnight blue. In general, which would you say that you prefer? when the artist uses more vibrant shades, paler shades, or darker shades of color?"
all of them
"In general, do you enjoy paintings that have a more serious or a more festive mood?"
festive is good
"And how about the painting itself - do you like it to be busy and contain lots of people or objects, or do you like it to be as simple as possible?"
busy but with simple details
How about the size of paintings: do you prefer larger paintings or smaller paintings?

depends on the apartment

dishwasher size
full-size refridgerator
full wall
"19"" television"
a magazine
paperback book
"Some paintings are of famous historical figures and others are of more ordinary people. Do you generally prefer paintings of famous people, or ones of more ordinary paintings."
ordinary people
"If you prefer famous people, do you prefer figures from a long time ago, like Lincoln or Jesus, or more recent figures, like John F. Kennedy or Elvis Presley?"
are you suggesting elvis is the new jesus?
"Do you prefer paintings which are predominantly of children, of women, or of men, or doesn't it matter?"
what the hell kinda question is that?! Yes.
"Thinking back to the paintings of people that you have like in the past, for the most part were the figure working, at leisure, or were they posed portraits?" 
"Which do you think you like better, a painting of one person or of a group of people?"
groups of people
"And from what you've seen, would you say that you prefer paintings in which the person or people are nude, partially clothed or fully clothed?"
clothed appropriate to the piece
If you were given the choice of a gift - a sum of money or a piece of art that you genuinely like and which was of equal value to the money, which would you choose?
probably money, i make art
Which one of the following would be most important to you in deciding how much money you would spend on a painting?

the degree to which you like the painting
What is the most amount of money you would consider spending on a piece of art you really like?
depends on my income
"For each of the following names, indicate if your impressions of that artist's work are very favorable, favorable, or very unfavorable. Some of these artists are not very well known, so if you have never heard of someone, or don't know enough about their work to have an opinion, just say so."
Pablo Picasso fav
Norman Rockwell fav
Jackson Pollock fav
Salvador Dali fav
Leroy Neiman dunno
Claude Monet fav
Rembrandt very fav
Andy Warhol fav
Georgia O'Keefe fav
"If you could pick one type of person you'd most enjoy having dinner with, would you choose an artist, a television or movie actor, an author, or a sports star?"
how bout a musician?
"How often, on average, would you say that you go to art museums - more than two times a year, one or two times a year, less than once a year, or not at all?
1 or 2
The following are some reasons people have given in the past as to why they do not go to art museums more often. For each reason, please tell whether it is a major reason why you do not go to musuems more often, a minor reason, or not a reason at all:
1. there is not an art museum in my area:     not a reason
2. I do not have enough spare time: major 
3. I don't feel comfortable in art museums because I don't know alot about art:    not a reason
4. the cost of admission is too expensive: major 
5. I simply don't enjoy looking at art:    not a reason
Would you favor or oppose spending more money in federal taxes than we do on the arts?
hell spend more im already paying for crap i dont care about, and itll go up anyway
Some works of art are displayed in public places. Do you think that average citizens should or should not have a say in determining which works of art are appropriate to be displayed in public?
people should have a say, doesnt mean itll count
"When it comes to most political issues, do you think of yourself as a liberal, a conservative, or a moderate? If moderate, do you think of yourself as being closer to being liberal or being conservative?" moderately moderate
Which of the following income categories includes your total family income in 1992 before taxes?
low very low
What is your gender? male

1. Do you think that your answers  are similar or different from most Americans? In what ways are they similar, and different? Probably different from most people, as not many people would give the kind of smart ass answers i give.

2. Which questions do you think  would be the most helpful if  one was using market research to design new paintings for sale? What questions would you ask differently, or leave out entirely? size, leave out the favorite color stuff and design questions

3. Would this work? Why or why not? itd help a bit but peoples tastes very so much its hard to plug a specific area. it could help with some production but theres gonna be a market for anything people make, just as there is no limit to the type of things made

Friday, April 29, 2011

color crit review

I didnt really get alot of feed back other then that they were good. they said the torn paper one was the most successful. Odd posed picture to use according to Val. Little bit could be done to fix the frame on the transparent piece to make it look better.

Monday, April 18, 2011

'Big' Ideas

Proposal #1
large scale version of color assignment. about 5'x3' reproduction of renaissance painting
Proposal #2
Revisiting Cardboard, make cardboard sculpture
Proposal #3
make a wall of 2x4 ends that i will cut into and carve in a topographic fashion
Proposal #4
Identity mapping. Use Images to create life size representational portrait
Proposal #5
Photographic collage using photoshop to produce image from details
Proposal #6
Musical markmaking. generate way for music to make marks on a page through markmaking device
Proposal #7
revisit modular madness with toilet paper. cover entire exterior of wash building

Thursday, April 14, 2011

SRL opinion

Survival Research Laboratories as fantasy. I don’t see how what SRL does can be called fantasy. It’s just a bunch of anarchists screwing around with machines. There is no quality of art in what they are doing. Their ‘performances’ consist of slightly controllable contraptions breaking things and breaking down themselves. It s just a bunch of wackos playing with big toys. That’s all it really comes down too. I don’t see how they could be similar to anything else that illustrates the same kinds of fantasy, because there wasn’t anything there to begin with. What is their fantasy? Are they saying that their performances of breaking windows is a fantasy of the destruction of civilization? If that’s their fantasy, then there’s probably other people out there with the same ideas, but as for mainstream, not a chance. Mainstream consists of people in civilizations, so they tend to like having them intact, as it brings some nice benefits, if you haven’t noticed by looking around. Their whole ability to make their machines to destroy civilization comes from that self same civilization. These SRL people are just a bunch of retards who don’t want to work or be productive, so they make up some bullshit excuse for what they are doing. Although that is true for a lot of art that really isn’t. It’s just bullshit people make up cause they don’t want to get involved in the real world because they don’t like to interact with other people in normal ways or they don’t want to put in an honest days work.
                Here’s a little taste of what I saw in that SRL piece we saw( there is more writing after this): werwerwerwerchungchungweerwerrrranggbaaaabaangplewwwwerekkkkessswerwerwerwerchungchungweerwerrrrbanggbaaaabaangplewwwwerekkkkessswerwerwerwerchungchungweerwerrrrbanggbaaaabaanglewwwwerechahchahcahcahakkkkesswerwerwerwerchungchungweerwerrrranggbaaaabaanglewwwwerekkkkessswerwerwerwerchungchungweerwerrrrbanggbaaaabaangplewwwwerekkkkessswerwerwerwerchungcweeeeerrrrrrrrrhungweerwerrrrbanggbaaaabaangplewwwwerekkkkessswerwerwerwerchungchungweerwerrrrbanggbaaaabaangplewwwwerekkkkessswerwersplewwwwsplewwwchinchichcihcicwerwerchbunkkakkkakkaalewweewewungchungweerwerrrrbanggbaaaabaangplewwwwerekkkkessswerwerwerwerchungchungweerwerrrrbanggbaaaabaangplewwwwerekkkkessswerwerwerwerchungchungweerwerrrrbanggbaaaabaasplowwashisshitowoww,blarrrrrrngplewwwwerekkkkessswerwerwerwerchungchungweerwerrrrbanggbaaaabaabloogabloogabloooooongplewwwwerekkkkessswerwerwerwerchungchungweerwerrrrbanggbaaaabaangplewwwwerekkkkessswerwerwerwerchungchungweerwerrrranggbaaaabaangplewwwwerekkkkessswerwerwerwerchungchungweerwerrrrbanggbaaaabaangplewwwwerekkkkessswerwerwerwerchungchungweerwerrrrbanggbaaaabaanglewwwwerechahchahcahcahakkkkesswerwerwerwerchungchungweerwerrrranggbaaaabaanglewwwwerekkkkessswerwerwerwerchungchungweerwerrrrbanggbaaaabaangplewwwwerekkkkessswerwerwerwerchungcweeeeerrrrrrrrrhungweerwerrrrbanggbaaaabaangplewwwwerekkkkessswerwerwerwerchungchungweerwerrrrbanggbaaaabaangplewwwwerekkkkessswerwersplewwwwsplewwwchinchichcihcicwerwerchbunkkakkkakkaalewweewewungchungweerwerrrrbanggbaaaabaangplewwwwerekkkkessswerwerwerwerchungchungweerwerrrrbanggbaaaabaangplewwwwerekkkkessswerwerwerwerchungchungweerwerrrrbanggbaaaabaasplowowoww,blarrrrrrngplewwwwerekkkkessswerwerwerwerchungchungweerwerrrrbanggbaaaabaangplewwwwerekkkkessswerwerwerwerchungchungweerwerrrrbanggbaaaabaangplewwwwerekkkkessswerwerwerwerchungchungweerwerrrranggbaaaabaangplewwwwerekkkkessswerwerwerwerchungchungweerwerrrrbanggbaaaabaangplewwwwerekkkkessswerwerwerwerchungchungweerwerrrrbanggbaaaabaanglewwwwerechahchahcahcahakkkkesswerwerwerwerchungchungweerwerrrranggbaaaabaanglewwwwerekkkkessswerwerwerwerchungchungweerwerrrrbanggbaaaabaangplewwwwerekkkkessswerwerwerwerchungcweeeeerrrrrrrrrhungweerwerrrrbanggbaaaabaangplewwwwerekkkkessswerwerwerwerchungchungweerwerrrrbanggbaaaabaangplewwwwerekkkkessswerwersplewwwwsplewwwchinchichcihcicwerwerchbunkkakkkakkaalewweewewungchungweerwerrrrbanggbaaaabaangplewwwwerekkkkessswerwerwerwerchungchungweerwerrrrbanggbaaaabaangplewwwwerekkkkessswerwerwerwerchungchungweerwerrrrbanggbaaaabaasplowowoww,blarrrrrrngplewwwwerekkkkessswerwerwerwerchungchungweerwerrrrbanggbaaaabaangplewwwwerekkkkessswerwerwerwerchungchungweerwerrrrbanggbaaaabaangplewwwwerekkkkessswerwerwerwerchungchungweerwerrrranggbaaaabaangplewwwwerekkkkessswerwerwerwerchungchungweerwerrrrbanggbaaaabaangplewwwwerekkkkessswerwerwerwerchungchungweerwerrrrbanggbaaaabaanglewwwwerechahchahcahcahakkkkesswerwerwerwerchungchungweerwerrrranggbaaaabaanglewwwwerekkkkessswerwerwerwerchungchungweerwerrrrbanggbaaaabaangplewwwwerekkkkessswerwerwerwerchungcweeeeerrrrrrrrrhungweerwerrrrbanggbaaaabaangplewwwwerekkkkessswerwerwerwerchungchungweerwerrrrbanggbaaaabaangplewwwwerekkkkessswerwersplewwwwsplewwwchinchichcihcicwerwerchbunkkakkkakkaalewweewewungchungweerwerrrrbanggbaaaabaangplewwwwerekkkkessswerwerwerwerchungchungweerwerrrrbanggbaaaabaangplewwwwerekkkkessswerwerwerwerchungchungweerwerrrrbanggbaaaabaasplowowoww,blarrrrrrngplewwwwerekkkkessswerwerwerwerchungchungweerwerrrrbanggbaaaabaangplewwwwerekkkkessswerwerwerwerchungchungweerwerrrrbanggbaaaabaangplewwwwerekkkkessswerwerwerwerchungchungweerwerrrranggbaaaabaangplewwwwerekkkkessswerwerwerwerchungchungweerwerrrrbanggbaaaabaangplewwwwerekkkkessswerwerwerwerchungchungweerwerrrrbanggbaaaabaanglewwwwerechahchahcahcahakkkkesswerwerwerwerchungchungweerwerrrranggbaaaabaanglewwwwerekkkkessswerwerwerwerchungchungweerwerrrrbanggbaaaabaangplewwwwerekkkkessswerwerwerwerchungcweeeeerrrrrrrrrhungweerwerrrrbanggbaaaabaangplewwwwerekkkkessswerwerwerwerchungchungweerwerrrrbanggbaaaabaangplewwwwerekkkkessswerwersplewwwwsplewwwchinchichcihcicwerwerchbunkkakkkakkaalewweewewungchungweerwerrrrbanggbaaaabaangplewwwwerekkkkessswerwerwerwerchungchungweerwerrrrbanggbaaaabaangplewwwwerekkkkessswerwerwerwerchungchungweerwerrrrbanggbaaaabaasplowowoww,blarrrrrrngplewwwwerekkkkessswerwerwerwerchungchungweerwerrrrbanggbaaaabaangplewwwwerekkkkessswerwerwerwerchungchungweerwerrrrbanggbaaaabaangplewwwwerekkkkessswerwerwerwerchungchungweerwerrrranggbaaaabaangplewwwwerekkkkessswerwerwerwerchungchungweerwerrrrbanggbaaaabaangplewwwwerekkkkessswerwerwerwerchungchungweerwerrrrbanggbaaaabaanglewwwwerechahchahcahcahakkkkesswerwerwerwerchungchungweerwerrrranggbaaaabaanglewwwwerekkkkessswerwerwerwerchungchungweerwerrrrbanggbaaaabaangplewwwwerekkkkessswerwerwerwerchungcweeeeerrrrrrrrrhungweerwerrrrbanggbaaaabaangplewwwwerekkkkessswerwerwerwerchungchungweerwerrrrbanggbaaaabaangplewwwwerekkkkessswerwersplewwwwsplewwwchinchichcihcicwerwerchbunkkakkkakkaalewweewewungchungweerwerrrrbanggbaaaabaang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                Pretty annoying and not much of a point there. Well that’s exactly how I feel about SRL. Except I had to watch about 20 minutes of that ridiculousness. The reason I think they did it in Amsterdam was because no one else would’ve allowed that nonsense anywhere else. There were definite safety issues and the comment on society wasn’t one that would be very welcome in most civilized places. People don’t usually like you coming to where they live and talking shit about their way of life, whether openly or through another form of expression, in this case explosions and banging machines.
­                So SRL is just a load of bullshit that got stuck under art because there wasn’t any place else to put it and there’s already enough idiots doing lame shit and calling it art now and days that no one would really say anything about it.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Exquisite Corpse

A staunch suspender inoculated the cutest mothball
Severed knocker shoveled shotgun keepsakes.

The pushier retainer pummeling the banging bullfighter.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

color images

heres the images i found that i thought would be interesting for the color project

words words and more words

    1.    work
    ⁃    broom
    ⁃    clock
    ⁃    uniform
    ⁃    money
    ⁃    hat
    ⁃    truck
    ⁃    id
    ⁃    timecard
    ⁃    badge
    ⁃    gloves
    2.    jump
    ⁃    shoe
    ⁃    ladder
    ⁃    trampoline
    ⁃    spring
    ⁃    backpack
    ⁃    fence
    ⁃    bitch
    ⁃    tennisball
    ⁃    stair
    ⁃    lump of wood
    3.    pound
    ⁃    meat
    ⁃    scale
    ⁃    hammer
    ⁃    weight
    ⁃    boxing glove
    ⁃    punching bag
    ⁃    tin can
    ⁃    book
    ⁃    box
    ⁃    pan
    4.    crash
    ⁃    car parts
    ⁃    glass
    ⁃    busted metal
    ⁃    razor
    ⁃    tin can
    ⁃    car
    ⁃    cymbols
    ⁃    gong
    ⁃    airplane
    ⁃    bell
    5.    train
    ⁃    track
    ⁃    penny
    ⁃    railroad ties
    ⁃    clapping monkey
    ⁃    railroad warning signpost
    ⁃    toy train
    ⁃    conductor hat
    ⁃    stripped overalls
    ⁃    coal
    ⁃    caboose
    6.    sling
    ⁃    bandage
    ⁃    leather strap
    ⁃    slingshot
    ⁃    pebbles
    ⁃    hammack
    ⁃    banana hommok
    ⁃    xray
    ⁃    splint
    ⁃    firstaid kit
    ⁃    bandaid
    7.    wet
    ⁃    water
    ⁃    pool
    ⁃    swimsuit
    ⁃    sponge
    ⁃    rain
    ⁃    sprinkler
    ⁃    watergun
    ⁃    waterballoon
    ⁃    wetdog
    ⁃    umbrella
    8.    grain
    ⁃    bread
    ⁃    wheat
    ⁃    sandpaper
    ⁃    oats
    ⁃    horse
    ⁃    barley
    ⁃    block of wood
    ⁃    dowel rod
    ⁃    tractor
    ⁃    feild
    9.    map
    ⁃    compass
    ⁃    legend
    ⁃    atlas
    ⁃    globe
    ⁃    gps
    ⁃    metal compass thingy
    ⁃    metal detector
    ⁃    silk
    ⁃    cotton
    ⁃    canvas
    10.    up
    ⁃    balloons
    ⁃    bird
    ⁃    pixar's UP
    ⁃    ladder
    ⁃    marijuana
    ⁃    arrow
    ⁃    sky
    ⁃    air
    ⁃    scaffolding
    ⁃    platform shoes
    11.    left
    ⁃    street sign
    ⁃    hand
    ⁃    shoes
    ⁃    left handed scissors
    ⁃    blinker
    ⁃    car
    ⁃    democrats
    ⁃    republicans
    ⁃    right handed stuff
    ⁃    tupperware
    12.    copper
    ⁃    pipe
    ⁃    wiring
    ⁃    sculpture
    ⁃    statue
    ⁃    bronze
    ⁃    money
    ⁃    pennies
    ⁃    scrap
    ⁃    broken doors
    ⁃    shoes
    13.    stolen
    ⁃    gloves
    ⁃    empty space
    ⁃    tv
    ⁃    sterio
    ⁃    car
    ⁃    national monument
    ⁃    drugs
    ⁃    handcuffs
    ⁃    zip ties
    ⁃    ski mask
    14.    grape
    ⁃    kool aid
    ⁃    lollipop
    ⁃    juice
    ⁃    soda
    ⁃    grapes
    ⁃    dante
    ⁃    keenan
    ⁃    tray
    ⁃    grape scented marker
    ⁃    wine
    15.    grasp
    ⁃    skeletal hand
    ⁃    clamp
    ⁃    vice
    ⁃    plyers
    ⁃    needlenose plyers
    ⁃    monkey wrench
    ⁃    crescent wrench
    ⁃    tool
    ⁃    glove
    ⁃    tire
    16.    pounce
    ⁃    cat
    ⁃    bouncy ball
    ⁃    slippers
    ⁃    shoes
    ⁃    pants
    ⁃    spring
    ⁃    pen
    ⁃    claw
    ⁃    glove
    ⁃    cage
    17.    arrange
    ⁃    coat
    ⁃    hanger
    ⁃    shelf
    ⁃    tupperware
    ⁃    cabinet
    ⁃    plastic crate
    ⁃    wooden crate
    ⁃    ribbon
    ⁃    plate
    ⁃    cup
    18.    generate
    ⁃    battery
    ⁃    computer
    ⁃    radio
    ⁃    lightbulb
    ⁃    coat
    ⁃    crayon
    ⁃    pencil
    ⁃    paper
    ⁃    heater
    ⁃    fan
    19.    create
    ⁃    bowl
    ⁃    flour
    ⁃    hammer
    ⁃    chisel
    ⁃    stone
    ⁃    brick
    ⁃    wood plank
    ⁃    fan
    ⁃    saw
    ⁃    paintbrush
    20.    question
    ⁃    coat hanger
    ⁃    tape recorder
    ⁃    book
    ⁃    answering machine
    ⁃    magic 8 ball
    ⁃    fortune cookie
    ⁃    flower
    ⁃    coin
    ⁃    bottle
    ⁃    card
    21.    upbringing
    ⁃    book
    ⁃    bag
    ⁃    letter
    ⁃    spoon
    ⁃    pot
    ⁃    broom
    ⁃    sheet
    ⁃    flag
    ⁃    cd
    ⁃    arrow
    22.    ground
    ⁃    wire
    ⁃    dirt
    ⁃    rock
    ⁃    door
    ⁃    barbel
    ⁃    shovel
    ⁃    pickaxe
    ⁃    golfclub
    ⁃    watering can
    ⁃    flower
    23.    stomp
    ⁃    shoes
    ⁃    boots
    ⁃    paper
    ⁃    map
    ⁃    gun
    ⁃    skeleton
    ⁃    watch
    ⁃    wrench
    ⁃    juniper
    ⁃    flower
    24.    flat
    ⁃    cutting board
    ⁃    sheet
    ⁃    blanket
    ⁃    iron
    ⁃    toothpaste
    ⁃    rolling pin
    ⁃    paper
    ⁃    steamroller
    ⁃    ruler
    ⁃    glass
    25.    broken
    ⁃    shard
    ⁃    glass
    ⁃    mirror
    ⁃    wood
    ⁃    clock
    ⁃    car
    ⁃    flat tire
    ⁃    tool
    ⁃    pencil
    ⁃    sling
    26.    tread
    ⁃    tire
    ⁃    dirt
    ⁃    ink
    ⁃    paint
    ⁃    blood
    ⁃    shoe
    ⁃    tank
    ⁃    bicycle chain
    ⁃    hole
    ⁃    painting
    27.    orange
    ⁃    orange
    ⁃    carrot
    ⁃    apple
    ⁃    banana
    ⁃    bell pepper
    ⁃    traffic cone
    ⁃    lifevest
    ⁃    flare
    ⁃    jumpsuit
    ⁃    cheetos
    28.    pillow
    ⁃    bed
    ⁃    pillowcase
    ⁃    cotton
    ⁃    wig
    ⁃    head
    ⁃    hair
    ⁃    feather
    ⁃    brick
    ⁃    temper
    ⁃    itron
    29.    curl
    ⁃    curly fries
    ⁃    hair curler
    ⁃    curling iron
    ⁃    wire
    ⁃    garden hose
    ⁃    pipe
    ⁃    wig
    ⁃    rope
    ⁃    french fry
    ⁃    sleeping bag
    30.    pump
    ⁃    gas
    ⁃    tire
    ⁃    ball
    ⁃    pole
    ⁃    hoop
    ⁃    radio
    ⁃    shoe
    ⁃    bicycle wheel
    ⁃    water gun
    ⁃    leaf blower
    31.    stamp
    ⁃    envelope
    ⁃    gallery
    ⁃    fuse
    ⁃    necklace
    ⁃    report
    ⁃    pebble
    ⁃    chip
    ⁃    captain
    ⁃    label
    ⁃    carpenter
    32.    peanut
    ⁃    peanut butter
    ⁃    cliff
    ⁃    printer
    ⁃    boutique
    ⁃    staple
    ⁃    poster
    ⁃    calm
    ⁃    miser
    ⁃    t-shirt
    ⁃    bush
    33.    can
    ⁃    cheese
    ⁃    stomach
    ⁃    parlour
    ⁃    ears
    ⁃    smile
    ⁃    neck
    ⁃    university
    ⁃    radio
    ⁃    funeral
    ⁃    panther
    34.    tin
    ⁃    foil
    ⁃    heart
    ⁃    can
    ⁃    bin
    ⁃    kite
    ⁃    staple
    ⁃    garden
    ⁃    paradise
    ⁃    steering wheel
    ⁃    gas
    35.    flip
    ⁃    staff
    ⁃    sneeze
    ⁃    mind
    ⁃    key
    ⁃    revenge
    ⁃    toast
    ⁃    bicycle
    ⁃    nail varnish
    ⁃    cucumber
    ⁃    saddle
    36.    cut
    ⁃    bandage
    ⁃    knife
    ⁃    blood
    ⁃    joint
    ⁃    butterfly
    ⁃    band
    ⁃    pie
    ⁃    scallop
    ⁃    fatique
    ⁃    cry
    37.    scrape
    ⁃    blood
    ⁃    scab
    ⁃    cement
    ⁃    sandpaper
    ⁃    scraper
    ⁃    razor
    ⁃    leather
    ⁃    whistle
    ⁃    coach
    ⁃    seaweed
    38.    gears
    ⁃    mess
    ⁃    switch
    ⁃    pigeon
    ⁃    male
    ⁃    father
    ⁃    crystal
    ⁃    punishment
    ⁃    spoon
    ⁃    lighthouse
    ⁃    false teeth
    39.    ratchet
    ⁃    bolt
    ⁃    match
    ⁃    applause
    ⁃    night
    ⁃    kipper
    ⁃    second
    ⁃    slide
    ⁃    train
    ⁃    warship
    ⁃    trumpet
    40.    bolt
    ⁃    cough medicine
    ⁃    loft
    ⁃    union
    ⁃    netwrok
    ⁃    string
    ⁃    pudding
    ⁃    staduim
    ⁃    kiosk
    ⁃    sentry
    ⁃    formula
    41.    electric
    ⁃    wire
    ⁃    toaster
    ⁃    extension cord
    ⁃    drill
    ⁃    tram
    ⁃    square
    ⁃    cottage
    ⁃    slide
    ⁃    exam
    ⁃    coffin
    42.    table
    ⁃    chair
    ⁃    tablecloth
    ⁃    plate
    ⁃    silverware
    ⁃    candlestick
    ⁃    bench
    ⁃    wood
    ⁃    leg
    ⁃    trim
    ⁃    stain
    43.    officer
    ⁃    medals
    ⁃    sword
    ⁃    pauldrons
    ⁃    eppualettes
    ⁃    cube
    ⁃    chandelier
    ⁃    baboon
    ⁃    doctrine
    ⁃    mouse
    ⁃    chicken
    44.    gun
    ⁃    bullet
    ⁃    giant
    ⁃    harp
    ⁃    degree
    ⁃    board
    ⁃    bible
    ⁃    pride
    ⁃    massage
    ⁃    space
    ⁃    ears
    45.    helmet
    ⁃    peanut
    ⁃    card
    ⁃    hat
    ⁃    watermelon
    ⁃    valley
    ⁃    gondola
    ⁃    spike
    ⁃    nail
    ⁃    escape
    ⁃    book
    46.    blast
    ⁃    shield
    ⁃    ravioli
    ⁃    elastic
    ⁃    blanket
    ⁃    profit
    ⁃    lunch
    ⁃    submarine
    ⁃    concierge
    ⁃    spine
    ⁃    passion
    47.    crumble
    ⁃    cake
    ⁃    dirt
    ⁃    brick
    ⁃    fog
    ⁃    blood
    ⁃    cave
    ⁃    oar
    ⁃    miner
    ⁃    tissue
    ⁃    composer
    48.    dust
    ⁃    dustpan
    ⁃    bus station
    ⁃    carpenter
    ⁃    holiday
    ⁃    pasta
    ⁃    signature
    ⁃    microbe
    ⁃    raincoat
    ⁃    cot
    ⁃    flamenco
    49.    dense
    ⁃    brick
    ⁃    rock
    ⁃    froth
    ⁃    arthritis
    ⁃    bingle
    ⁃    suicide
    ⁃    soup
    ⁃    croissant
    ⁃    ketchup
    ⁃    yacht
    50.    water
    ⁃    jug
    ⁃    bottle
    ⁃    canteen
    ⁃    soda
    ⁃    myth
    ⁃    wood
    ⁃    wine
    ⁃    bribe
    ⁃    bridge
    ⁃    pants